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Hey New York!


Get your LLC faster and cheaper than LegalzoomTM.

All delivered in just ONE DAY!

  What can we do for you?

Quite simply, our law firm will set up your New York LLC, handle the required New York legal publishing, obtain your EIN, and prepare your required operating agreement, all for $895, and all done in one business day. Until now, your choices were limited to spending almost $2,000 online for the same services and waiting 30 days, or paying a traditional lawyer twice that amount.

Considering LegalZoom? Think twice.

We cost much less (up to $900 less), and we deliver much faster (exactly 1 business day vs. 30 days). If those aren't enough good reasons, here are some others:

- They are not lawyers. If you have a legal question about your LLC, they cannot answer. We are a law firm, so we can provide all the information you need.

- They are clerks stuffed in a California office (at best), and they don't know New York law or procedure like we do. They make lots of mistakes. We know, because we fix many of them. Do a search on "LegalZoom ripoff". Or see the horror stories we've compiled about Legalzoom here.

Have you been screwed by Legalzoom? We can still help.

- They sell you unnecessary and costly services like registered agent service. An RA is not required in New York, nor do you want your important documents to be sent to some mysterious office instead of directly to you.

- They don't handle the legal publishing. Instead, they expect you to handle it on your own for up to $1,500. If you do it wrong, it will be an expensive mistake!




Standard NY LLC setup & document delivery time
1 day 30 days
Total cost with EIN, operating agreement, and required legal publishing
$895 up to $2,000
Legal advice
Included Not permitted
Accuracy of documents Perfect 1st time,
every time, guaranteed
Expensive mistakes are common (ask around)

Our track record

We've been doing this for almost 15 years, and we do it well (over 4,400 clients can't be wrong). Our lawyers have developed several innovative solutions designed to make delivery of legal services faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

There's no longer a need to pay a typical lawyer's exorbitant fees for relatively simple tasks.

And we certainly would never expect you to settle for second-rate do-it-yourself online services like Legalzoom to set up your LLC in New York.  You can read more about our law firm here.  

See what our clients are saying:

"Awesome I'm still in SHOCK!!! I can't believe it." -- George C.

"I truly wish I had found your firm earlier. Sad enough, so many people fall into Legal Zoom." -- Sandra B.

Everyone should be like you. Will totally recommend!" -- Dawn B.

"Very impressed at your speed of delivery." -- Terry C.

"I will surely use your service again in the future, and recommend you as well. P.S... LegalZoom is the worst". -- Rab M

"I received top quality service notwithstanding the bargain basement price.  I can't recommend it highly enough." -- Steve R.

"You're the man. Thank you for your diligence and your quick feedback. I will be using you for all my business legal matters." -- Andrew K.

"I'm impressed with how responsive and professional you folks are..." -- Dean B.

"Great! Your service is fast." -- Brian K.

"Wow, u guys are exceptional fast service." -- Paul R.

"It's not often you can pay for a professional to perform a task for you and it cost you less than doing it yourself." -- George K.

"All went as smooth as clockwork and was done conveniently over the internet, with Steve handling the necessary paperwork. I appreciate his integrity and efficiency." -- Walter G.

"Thank you for the prompt response to all of my questions. I really appreciate you helping us." --Milton S.



Get answers to all your questions

You can get answers to most questions here. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us here. Remember, we are lawyers, and unlike the other guys, we can answer all of your questions.  

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